The Explorers Club 50

fifty people changing the world who the world needs to know about

In 2022 Theo becomes a member of the Explorers Club 50 community. Each year, Explorers Club 50 recognizes fifty exceptional individuals who are changing the world. Distinguishing these explorers illuminates their work, amplifies their voices and impact on society, and radically redefines the way one views exploration.

Thodoris was awarded for all his work in education and his efforts over many years to bridge the gap between scientists and the public. As mentioned as part of his award:

“Theo Anagnostopoulos has changed the standards in the field of science communication and science education in Greece and internationally. […]

[…] His work over the last twelve years has played a key role in the fight against scientific illiteracy through large-scale awareness raising and empowerment programmes for thousands of teachers and students through education, focusing on underprivileged areas.”

The Explorers Club 50, 2022, p. 27