Traveling with kids

Theo began travelling the world from 11 years old, on a road trip through Europe with his parents, and has never stopped since then. He has visited more than 96 countries in six continents, and always has the next stop on his agenda.

After meeting his wife, Maria, with whom they share the same passion, they began travelling together in even more remote and primitive parts of the world. Along the way, they made sure this didn’t change the slightest bit when their children were born. Today, nine-year-old Alexandros and three-year-old Marianna have already visited 32 and 16 countries, respectively.

To Maria and Theo, traveling is the best form of education because it expands children’s cultural horizons, fills them with powerful experiences and shapes their personalities. As such, traveling is an integral part of their annual family planning. 

Having plenty of visual material from their travels, they decided to use it in a more extroverted way. They created the YouTube channel “Traveling with Kids”, where they host episodes of their family’s travel adventures.

The channel tries to inspire and motivate parents to make more trips and include their children in their travel plans, even if they are young, to familiarise them from an early age with the world’s cultural differences.

“Travelling with kids it’s definitely not an easy endeavour, but a continuing adventure that’s worth living.”

You can watch all episodes on the official YouTube Channel “Traveling with Kids