Travelling the World

Travelling the world has been Theo’s life project. After many years of university studies and laboratory-based learning, Theo was surprised to discover the infinite ways that travel is a game-changer as a form of education. The 92 countries in six continents he has visited, have allowed him to discover strengths, skills, and passions that otherwise may have remained hidden.

“The more you travel your understanding of the world broadens. You learn about the local environment, the arts and the culture of people from around the world. My travel experience has been, in a way, far more educational than my PhD and Postdoc research combined.”

For Theo, travelling is beyond tourism and site-seeing. It’s about witnessing and participating in another country’s everyday life, connecting with local people and learning about how they experience the world. He tries to get in touch as closely as possible with the locals to get a taste of how they think, how they work, and how they express themselves. He is fascinated by tribes and local customs, and wherever he travels, he tries to get a feel for the pulse of the place.

Life on the road has its challenges and very quickly forces you to leave your comfort zone and become more adaptable, independent, and a better problem solver. Theo aims to discover all the possibilities that the world has to offer and keep challenging himself to pursue new destinations.

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