Green Project

The Green Project started as an idea to combine travel exploration with the promotion of renewable energy sources. Theo is the co-founder and general secretary of the Green Project, a non-profit organisation, established in 2008 with Yiannis Tzortzis, by the voluntary initiative of active citizens, scientists and artists, to promote environmental awareness through photography. 

Green Project has a unique and extensive experience in implementing environmental photo journeys. Theo, together with the experienced team of Green Project, has organised five road trips:

·  In 2008, in Asia: from Athens to Beijing

·  Ιn 2010, in Africa: from Athens to Cape Town

·  Ιn 2012, in Europe: from Athens to North Cape

·  Ιn 2014, in South America: from Bogota to the Tierra del Fuego

·  Ιn 2018, in Australia: from Melbourne to Perth

During these photo journeys, the team captured points of environmental interest, such as modern renewable energy practices and traditional energy knowledge listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Until today, 39 experts have travelled in five continents and 44 countries, covered a total of 62,515 km and 809 nautical miles, used six low CO2 emission vehicles, one sailing boat and various means of public transport. The Green Project produced original educational material on issues such as tackling energy poverty, developing energy tourism and promoting communication between different cultures with common environmental concerns.

The organisation seeks to raise social awareness through environmental photography that stands out for its authenticity. In recognition of the above, the Green Project has been declared “One Success Story 2014” by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and has received numerous international photography awards.

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