Resourcefulness, creativity and a sense of humour are three key characteristics of a good facilitator. In the last decade, Theo has facilitated over 100 events with significant impact. He has been the host/presenter of TEDxAthens (2011 – 2014), TEDxLimassol (2014, 2015), and TEDxPatras (2017, 2018).

His longtime experience within academia and outside of it, for example during travelling, provides him with adaptability to understand and guide diverse groups through a process, dealing with different cultures, needs, perspectives and mindsets. 

His involvement in organisations and participation in events with major impact demonstrates his ability to act as an effective facilitator. He senses who is in the room and quickly adapts in different needs and situations, adding significant value to the dynamic. 

Should you like to book him as the facilitator of your event, feel free to send him a request.

Some examples of his work can be seen in the following videos: