SciCo – Science Communication

SciCo (Science Communication) is a non-profit organisation that focuses on scientific engagement and empowerment, through innovative, interactive, and entertaining means. Theo founded SciCo in 2008, and since then, numerous scientists, academics, educators, artists, and science-curious people have embraced and contributed to its mission. 

The organisation operates as a social enterprise and aims to engage students, teachers, and citizens with science, strengthen the researcher’s image in society, stimulate young people’s pursuit of a STEM career, and inform the public on scientific issues that influence our everyday lives.

“Science, to attract the general public, has to apply to one’s everyday life. It has to connect with things that you do, and you care about. Only when science becomes part of you, you want to engage with it.”

Since 2008, SciCo has contributed immensely to improving Greece’s scientific culture and holds significant know-how in science education and dissemination. Through numerous high-impact outreach activities, including science festivals, online platforms and workshops, the organisation has reached more than 400.000 people. It has also reached audiences outside Greece by expanding some of its own projects internationally and by participating in EU Programs and Networks.

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